Parallel Universe

Deep inside of a parallel universe, it's getting harder and harder to tell what came first

4 Days.

4 Days.

Things I know won’t happen in next week’s Dexter, but I wish would:

  • LaGuerta dies
  • It’s revealed that Matthews has known Dexter’s secret all along
  • Lumen somehow plays a role
  • Doakes is still alive (I don’t care how ridiculously unrealistic the explanation is)
  • Hannah and Jamie are both seen naked
  • Quinn dies
  • Hannah is pregnant with Dexter’s child 
  • Dexter must flee and moves to New Mexico where he decides to live a normal life.  He goes next door to introduce himself to the neighbors and just as Dex reaches up to knock on the door it flies open and a man yells, “I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!” The show ends with Dexter standing face to face with Walter White.  
Hank will find out who Walt really is and then…cue this image

Breaking Bad 05x07 Everybody Wins