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Oxymoron Stream

12/15 songs out.

Look // Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, & Earl Sweatshirt

Damn this sounds like the OF I want to be hearin’

Doris [First Reaction]

So Doris leaked in full today and I’m kinda tipsy listening to it.   Gonna give my initial reaction to the album here song by song as I hear it first.  Not too in depth since I’m kinda tipsy and am only listening to it one time through.  Lez go.

Pre (feat. SK La’ Flare) - weird that Earl opens up his album with a song that has some other dude rap first.  Who the fuck is this SK La’ Flare dude?  WTH Earl?  Simple beat and once Earl comes in it’s pretty okay.  Still weird intro to his album.

Burgundy (feat. Vince Staples) - so many snippets and previews of this song.  sweet to finally hear the whole thing.  Too short imo but that may be what makes it so great.  Earl’s 2nd verse is what I like the most, when he picks it up and starts with the faster flow.  Vince isn’t really featured too much, he just yells random shit throughout the song.  I dig it doe.

20 Wave Caps - I really like Domo so I can already tell I’ll like this track.  The beat is pretty sick and I dig Earl finally not sounding as lazy as he has in previous releases.  

Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean) - A love song by Earl and I like it right from the start.  Maybe because I’m kinda tipsy and emotional shit is like extra emotional to me, idk.  You can hear Earl’s emotions despite his monotone voice and then Frank raps.  A bit disappointed he isn’t singing but he raps nice too (not as nice as his Oldie verse doe).  Probz my fav track so far.

Hive (feat. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies) - dark beat and Earl continues his lazy rapping but it fits well.  I really like this song and need to hear it again sober to fully appreciate it.  Vince has a sick verse and Casey is nice on the hook.  They are two great OF members that don’t get as much praise as the rest but they deserve more than they get.  

Chum - Released awhile back (like many of the songs) but I still love it.  Dark and eerie and lots of emotion from Earl.  One of my favs from the album but it isn’t really a song to bump while you ride around.  More like one you listen to at 3:04 am when you’re kinda drunk and emotional…oh hey.  But actually, Earl’s wordplay is pretty sick and he’s actually spitting something real here with meaning and feelings. Weird instrumental at the end that I dunno how I feel about. I hope this is one of the songs he shows his pops.

Sasquatch (feat. Tyler, the Creator) - First track feat Tyler and many praise it as “classic EarlWolf.”  Idk, I kinda wanted more from the two of them.  Tyler’s verse is v Tyler-esque.  Nothing too special imo but still pretty good with some nice lines.  Earl comes in and doesn’t sound lazy (which seems rare for the album).  Really like his verse.  Parts of it too fast for my current state to fully understand.  I fux with the track.

Centurion (feat. Vince Staples) - first thought I have is a minute in when the weird spanish dude screams.  I’m confused. Earl’s verse is fuckin’ sick though.  Or sounds sick at least.  I like the beat a lot besides the weird spanish part.  idk why but I’m really liking this song.  Earl sounds hungry.  Most upbeat verse he’s had so far this album.

523 - strange instrumental.  I guess it’s coo

Uncle Al - less than a minute long, here we go.  I like the beat and Earl’s rapping fast again.  I like it a lot but ends abruptly.  Wish it was longer.

Guild (feat. Mac Miller) - another single that many have already heard.  I’ve liked recent Mac but he sounds super lazy on this, trying hard to sound like Earl.  Earl comes in and raps slow again and idk I just don’t really like it.  Very ambient sound with the beat but v slow and boring to me.  Making me sleeeepy.

Molasses (feat. RZA) - lots of ppl hype for this track with RZA on it.  He produced it and says a few words throughout. I think this may be my fav track so far now.  ”I’ll fuck the freckles off your face bitch.”

Whoa (feat. Tyler, the Creator) - Tyler comes in ripping on Earl and alluding to old Earl (that I do miss overall).  But Earl comes in and is slaying it so far.  This is the EarlWolf I want to hear.  Heard it awhile ago but appreciating it a lot more.  Fun hook to sing to.

Hoarse -  Starting to lose focus and can’t really comprehend the lyrics.  Too tired.  But from initial sounds I like it a lot.  Nice beat and Earl sounds good, not as lazy as he sounds on other tracks.

Knight (feat. Domo Genesis) -  Okay, last track on the album.  Let’s see what happens.  Seems like a good close out track.  Earl giving shoutouts to father’s who aren’t raising their sons and the beat just sounds kind of like an outro track.  It fits nicely as a closing song but doesn’t stand out too much.  Has almost a minute of just instrumental and I think it woulda sounded better if it ended when the rapping stopped.

OVERALL: pretty nice album.  kinda let down though to be honest.  not as many bangers as i wanted and ill always compare it to Earl which is such a great freshman album by Earl that it’s unfair for me to expect him to live up to it.  Earl just sounded tired and no too thirsty overall.  He clearly matured and has lyrics with more meaning but it isn’t as upbeat, fun or as memorable (in my opinion). 

Still worth listening and still a pretty good album.  


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